Life Experience: Writing

I have had writing experience as the editor a jazz history textbook, as a jazz critic, as a self-published music textbook author, and as a frequently published author of “letters to the editor.”


My work as an editor occurred primarily as a result of my personal and professional association with Dr. Mark Gridley, teacher of jazz history and author of five editions of Prentice-Hall's Jazz Styles, America’s top-selling jazz history textbook. I met Dr. Gridley at the age of 13 in 1972. I subsequently acted as the editor of the first four editions of Jazz Styles; my work on the second edition was paid for by the publisher, Prentice Hall, and my work on the fourth edition was paid for by Dr. Gridley. More recently, upon the recommendation of Dr. Gridley I was contracted by author David G. Such to edit his University of Iowa Press book, Avante-Garde Jazz Musicians: Performing “Out There.”


Thank You Note from author Mark Gridley, regarding my work as editor of Jazz Styles, 1st Edition

Acknowledgments, Jazz Styles, 1st–11th Editions

Thank you note from author Mark Gridley, regarding my work as editor of Jazz Styles, 2nd Edition

Acknowledgments, Avant-garde Jazz Musicians: Performing “Out There.”


From age 16 through the present, I have had my writing on jazz published several different local and national newspapers, magazines, and books.


The Scene: I worked as the jazz critic for The Scene, Cleveland’s oldest free newspaper (in existence approximately 35 years) at age 16, from 1975-76, authoring several record reviews.

New Review: I contributed a concert review of the jazz group “Weather Report” to New Review, a Village Voice-style Cleveland weekly, at age 16, in 1976.

Cleveland Press: I worked as the jazz critic for the Cleveland Press, a Cleveland Newspaper analogous to The New York Daily News, 1977-78.

The New York Post: My letters to the editor have been published on a frequent basis since 1995.

The New York Times: I had a letter to the editor published in 1998.


“Keith Jarrett: Backhand,” record review published in The Scene 1976.

“Weather Report,” concert review by Chuck Braman published in New Review, May 1976.

“Jazzman Rivers to Crest at Oberlin,” article by Chuck Braman published in the Cleveland Press, February 16, 1978.

“Letters to the Editor” Link under the "ideas," tab, "philosophy/politics/economics" menu.


Jazz Magazine: I published a book review in Jazz Magazine, a national jazz monthly, 1978.

The Cleveland-Akron Jazz Report: I worked as a writer for The Cleveland-Akron Jazz Report, a free monthly magazine, from 1978-79.

Percussive Notes: I contributed to Percussive Notes Magazine, the quarterly journal of the Percussive Arts Society, in 1994.


“Paul Motian,” article by Chuck Braman published in The Cleveland-Akron Jazz Report, December 1984.

“Paul Motian: Method of a Master,” article and interview by Chuck Braman published in Percussive Notes, April 1994.


The New Grove Dictionary of Jazz: I contributed biographies of Kenny Washington, Leon Chancler, Idris Mohammed, Peter Erskine, Paul Motian, and Steve Gadd to The New Grove Dictionary of Jazz, late 1980s.

Drumming Patterns: From 1976-87 I discovered, through the process of devising my own practice routines, the system underlying rhythm and drum technique. This system is a never-before detailed rhythmic equivalent to the harmonic system that non-drummers use, which reveals the nature of rhythm and drum technique in a way similar, for example, to the way that grammar reveals the nature of language. From the 1986-89 I organized this system for presentation to the public in the form of a 176 page book, in the process discovering and detailing its applications to the drumming techniques, rhythms and styles prevalent in the United States.


“Paul Motian,” biography published in The New Grove Dictionary of Jazz.

Drumming Patterns: book by Chuck Braman.