Video/Audio: Introduction


Being a musician, all my life I've been involved in recording live music, and with the advent of digital audio workstations, I've acquired microphones, hardware and software that enable me to record eight channels of music simultaneously and mix and master the results at a professional level.


Similarly, with the advent of video editing and special effects software, I've developed professional-level video editing skills. While my natural expertise lies in videotaping and editing live music, I've frequently been employed as a videographer for lectures, and as an editor and animator for demonstration, promotional, and instructional videos.

Live Music Audio Recording, Mixing and Video Production

I'm uniquely qualified and experienced in capturing live audio and video, mixing mastering and editing and outputting. If you're a musician or a band setting out to document your music and attempt to hire a video crew and create a multi-track recording, you're bound to make a lot of expensive and disastrous mistakes. I've been there and done that. I know everything that can go wrong, how to do it right, and inexpensively to boot. Let me help you realize your project with my unique level of efficiency and competence in these fields.


This section of my site will be developed in due course; in the meantime, you can find samples of my work at, and (viewable on desktop/laptop only).