The Vibraphone Trio/Quartet

This band’s repertoire is drawn from my favorite compositions by Steve Swallow, Michael Gibbs, Carla Bley and others that were originally performed by vibraphonist Gary Burton’s quartets during the 1960s and 70s, along with the music of Brazilian composer Caetano Veloso, and modern jazz composers such as Pat Metheny, Kenny Wheeler, Jim Hall, Joe Farrell. The common denominator between these compositions is that, to my ears, their melodies lend themselves to the sound of the vibraphone more so than any other instrument.

The first two videos feature the original vibraphonist in this group, Nick Mancini, who has since moved to Los Angeles, and following three my current vibraphonist, Behn Gillece. Full disclosure: these videos are quite old; they are representative of our style and repertoire, but not of our present level; with a decade more of playing together, Behn’s playing of this music now is nothing short of incredible… he’s become, not only my favorite vibraphonist in New York, but in all of jazz. In other words, if you like what you hear here, you’ll be amazed when you hear us now. (These videos will be updated in 2020.)


Behn Gillece, vibraphone

Paul Bollenback, guitar

Matt Clohsey, bass

Chuck Braman, drums

Alternate Personnel

Nate Radley, Pete McCann, guitar

Noriko Ueda, Paul Gill, Evan Gregor, Thomson Kneeland, bass


My Other Bands

Trumpet-Tenor Saxophone Quintet  A quintet drawing inspiration primarily from the brilliantly inventive compositions of trumpeter Kenny Dorham, saxophonist Joe Henderson and others featured on classic Blue Note recordings of the 1960s.

Saxophone Quartet  With a front-line consisting of saxophone and guitar, this group explores some of the best, most challenging and most neglected jazz compositions from the 1950s, '60s and '70s.

Guitar Trio/Quartet  With a front-line featuring either one or two guitarists, this band performs the music of my favorite composers whose music lends itself to guitar, such as John Abercrombie and Pat Metheny, with a special focus on rarely-performed compositions of Thelonious Monk.

Piano Trio  This group explores some of the very best and most rarely-performed compositions of Bill Evans and Antonio Carlos Jobim, among others great jazz composers.