Microsoft PowerPoint is a program that aims to make it easy for business executives and their assistants to present business concepts to their clients in a persuasive, professional manner, with minimal prior knowledge of software and no knowledge typography and graphic design. If only if it were that easy… this is where a presentation design specialist such as myself is typically called to come to the rescue.

My forte is taking these presentations and cleaning up the design, color scheme, typography, graphics and branding so as to make them clean, professional, and easy to understand. I've been doing this for many years, so that I'm typically able to perform this process relatively quickly. What integrates my work is the concept of "clarity," which is the end to which the design and content are the means.

There is nothing worse than presenting an unprofessional, amateurish image to one's potential clients during a presentation… therefore, it behooves most presentation authors to carry their work through this final, crucial stage.

For existing presentations, I can take an initial design that looks terrible and quickly transform it into a clean design that looks great. Similarly, as a professional writer and editor, I can quickly transform and essentialize content as well.

In designing presentations, my aim is always to create a visual background that integrates the identity of the company with the theme of the presentation, while making the content of each page as clear as possible. To achieve this, I draw from my background in digital photography, graphic design, logic, and writing and editing.

To see samples of my work, please visit (desktop/laptop only).