Philosophy/Politics/Economics: Introduction

My general views on philosophy, politics and economics:


How I came to be interested in philosophy in general and the philosophy of Objectivism in particular. Includes links to sites offering further information, and suggests a course of introductory reading.


Why I favor classical liberalism in politics. Includes links to sites that analyze current events from a pro-freedom, pro-individual rights perspective, and suggests a course of introductory reading.


Why I favor a totally free market. Includes links to sites with general essays on economics as well as sites that provide an economic analysis of current events, and suggests a course of introductory reading.

My essays on politics and economics:

The Political Philosophy of John Locke and Its Influence on the Founding Fathers

The Communist Manifesto: Theory & Practice

The ideas and influence of the historical antipodes of freedom and individual rights, John Locke (creator) and Karl Marx (destroyer). These have been my two most widely read essays over the past several years, with the Locke essay having been viewed over 50,000 times at an average of over 5 minutes per visitor, and the Marx essay having been viewed over 20,000 times at an average of over 7 minutes per visitor.

The Theories of John Maynard Keynes

Describes in a clear and concise way the major ideas of economist John Maynard Keyes that have had such a destructive effect on the economy of the US and the world in the past century.

The Real Right to Medical Care vs. Socialized Medicine

 A summary of an essay on the health care debate by economist George Reisman. This summary ended up being selected by some government agency or another to be printed in a booklet (Serial 104-49 for the use of the Committee on Ways and Means by the U.S. Government Printing Office in 1996) that was distributed to congress during the time of the Clinton health care debate.

Recent Essays and Letters To The Editor on politics and economics (blog)

Published and unpublished essays and letters to the editor that make concise arguments in favor of individual rights and economic freedom. I'm proud of the endorsement given to these letters by my favorite economist, George Reisman, who writes on his own website that "Chuck Braman, a professional jazz musician, is a highly articulate advocate of Objectivism and laissez-faire capitalism. His letters to the editor are models of clear, persuasive argument in brief format."