Music and Drumming: Introduction

I started writing about jazz as a teenager for various newspapers, magazines and books, but more or less stopped after graduating high school to focus on developing my drumming. As part of that process, I discovered the system of patterns underlying rhythm and drumming technique, which I organized into a book called Drumming Patterns. Since then I've occasionally dabbled in writing about jazz, publishing two interviews with my drum hero Paul Motian, and being commissioned to write an essay on recommended modern jazz recordings.

Paul Motian: Method Of A Master

Paul Motian: Recordings & Reactions

Two interviews that I conducted in 1993 with my favorite drummer, Paul Motian, originally published in Percussive Notes and Percussioni Magazines.

Drumming Patterns

A 176-page book that explores the common patterns that link the  components of rhythm and drum technique.

An Introductory Modern Jazz Collection

New to jazz? Don't know where to begin? These ten recordings are a compromise between my favorite modern jazz recordings, the modern jazz recordings generally regarded as most significant by musicians and scholars, and the modern jazz recordings that I think are most likely to appeal to a beginning listener.