Life Experience: Introduction

Back in the ‘90s I attended Empire State University in order to study philosophy and economics. In the process of getting my Bachelor’s degree, they encouraged me to compile three essays on my “life experience” in exchange for college credit. This resulted in these three essays on my background in music, graphic design, and writing. They are essentially three expanded resumes in each area, although much of the time period they detail is long ago. (Some of the more interesting things I’ve done happen to have been long ago, such as writing for newspapers and magazines when I was a teenager, and writing and publishing a book when I was a young adult, whereas upon moving to New York in 1989 at age 29, for a decade or so most of my time was consumed by making a living.) While I’ve updated these somewhat, particularly the graphic design essay, perusing this website as a whole remains the best way to learn what I’ve been up to in the present and near past.