The Guitar Trio/Quartet

The repertoire of this band is a mixture of the lessor-known compositions of Thelonious Monk, along with modern jazz compositions that are particularly suited to the guitar that I’ve chosen over the course of the last 40 years.

The lead instrumentalists in this group are the very best jazz guitarists that I know of in New York City, Paul Bollenback, Pete McCann, Nate Radley and Tom Guarna, all of whom I’ve been lucky to make music with many years.

An interesting experiment of mine in recent years has been to combine these groups into quartets featuring two guitarists in the front line. As it turns out, this is not merely a novelty; as each is able to create chordal accompaniments while the other improvises mainly single note lines, the group sound fills out harmonically, with the combinations of guitars almost sounding at times like a single instrument. It’s also a lot of fun to hear two great guitarists reacting to and interacting with each other, and working to compliment each other’s style.


Paul Bollenback and/or Nate Radley and/or

Pete McCann and/or Tom Guarna, guitar

Matt Clohsey or Noriko Ueda, bass

Chuck Braman, drums

Alternate Personnel

Evan Gregor, Thomson Kneeland, bass



Thelonious Monk:

A Merrier Christmas

Ask Me Now

Ba-lue Boliver Ba-lues-are

Bemsha Swing

Blue Hawk

Boo Boo’s Birthday

Brake’s Sake

Coming On The Hudson

Criss Cross

Friday The 13th

Gallop’s Gallop


Let’s Call This

Light Blue


Monk’s Dream

Monk’s Mood

Played Twice


Ruby, My Dear

San Francisco Holiday



Think Of One

Ugly Beauty

Who Knows?


John Abercrombie:

Foolish Door

John’s Waltz


Ralph’s Piano Waltz

Pat Metheny:

Bright Size Life

Change of Heart



Never Too Far Away


Unity Village

Richie Beirach:

Broken Wing





Leni Stern:

Fortunate Fall



Various Composers

Agua Vihno (Egberto Gismonti)

Chance (Kenny Kirkland)

Four Winds (Dave Holland)

Lonely Woman (Horace Silver)

Summer Band Camp (Mick Goodrick)

Toy Tune (Wayne Shorter)

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